• Jack Jezreel

    This matter only underscores the critical role of the press in a democratic society. Without the kind of painstaking effort this report included we continue to live under the influence of very troubled people who are not equipped for public office. The cry of “fake news” is often just the label for very real and truthful news that exposes things that those in power wish were not made public. Congratulations to the KyCIR for this act of public service.

  • Now the “progressive” of such Ryland Barton, must be happy about the suicide of the REPUBLICAN LEGISLATOR Dan Johnson. The problem is that, if you are falsely accused of being a harasser or a rapist before the public and your career is damaged, be it political or professional, although you can prove your innocence it will be very difficult for you to regain the confidence of the majority or from the public. In short, in this way the injury kills you economically and socially, or let’s talk about, how you can even destroy your entire family. I hope you have understood. Murder.