• Rory Miller

    Your coverage has been so biased that it is no surprise that you gloss over the fact that her two biggest accusations about harassment after the event were both ruled to be fabricated. They guy she claimed attacked her car was proven to be elsewhere at that time and her story about the car fell apart when it was determined she had not taken the pics of the car after the alleged hammer attacking in the parking lot she claimed it happened in. While it is true that her fabrications is evidence of harassment and being caught in lies about it does not actually prove she wasn’t raped it does mean that no judge or jury could take her testimony seriously as she had no credibility.

    Once the judge ruled that the defense for Miles could question the accuser about these fabrications of evidence she decided she no long we was willing to testify.

    Yet you skip al of these points because you are creating a narrative for your readers that is self-serving to showcase your investigative skills. In the process you have smeared a sheriff and tried to cast doubt on our entire legal system.

    I had never heard of your organization before but the way this story has been reported has let me know your organization is not to be trusted.