Democrat-Heavy University Boards Run Counter to State Law

KyCIR uncovered state university boards stacked with Democrats, in clear violation of the law. Many of Gov. Steve Beshear’s board appointees were also donors to his campaigns.

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Attorney General Still Reviewing Political Makeup of Democrat-Heavy University Boards

Attorney General Jack Conway has deemed Gov. Steve Beshear’s appointments to the University of Louisville board illegal due to a lack of racial diversity. Conway’s opinion may tip his hand regarding another case up for review: politically-lopsided university boards. Continue Reading →

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Democrat-Heavy College Boards Run Counter To Kentucky Law

Despite settling a lawsuit years ago to balance the state’s top university boards, Gov. Steve Beshear has made these boards even more politically lopsided. Today they are stacked with Democrats, in violation of state laws, and dominated by trustees who helped bankroll Beshear’s campaigns. Continue Reading →

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