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Kentucky Man Banished to Florida Sues Police, Alleges Harrowing Ordeal

A Carrollton man claims police put him a bus without his prescribed medications and banished him to Florida. Adam Horine says he experienced “psychotic episodes” during the trip, urinated on himself and was “forced to catheterize himself.” Continue Reading →

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Carrollton Mayor Stands By Police Chief and Officer Under Indictment

Carrollton Mayor Robb Adams issued a show of support for the city’s police chief and a veteran officer who were indicted on kidnapping and misconduct charges. Adams noted that both officers will continue to work as city employees, but in a non-law enforcement capacity. Adams also stressed that the officers are “innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” Continue Reading →

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Kentucky Justice? Kicked Out of the Commonwealth

The decision by Carrollton police to ship an emotionally disturbed man by bus to Florida has prompted a state attorney general’s investigation — and has renewed interest in the centuries-old practice of banishment. It’s illegal in Kentucky. But it still happens. Continue Reading →

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Police in Kentucky Town Ship Mentally Ill Man to Florida, Defying Judge’s Order

A Carroll County judge ordered police to send a troubled local man to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. But police had other plans for dealing with their petty crime problem. They sprung him from jail and put him on a bus to Florida.
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