Bernie Sanders Surging In Kentucky’s Donation Dollars

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Bernie Sanders

For the third month in a row, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders raised more money in Kentucky than any of the other presidential candidates — and his Bluegrass cash flow is accelerating.

According to the latest data from the Federal Election Commission, Sanders raised $126,639 from Kentucky donors in March, more than the combined receipts of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Together they received $119,369.

Sanders’ Kentucky contributions overall still trail Clinton’s by about $92,000, but he is making up ground fast. As of Dec. 31, his Kentucky intake was only 28 percent of Clinton’s. As of March 31, it was 79 percent. He has outraised the three remaining Republican candidates in Kentucky $352,236 to $343,325.

“I think Kentucky is especially engaged in a way that I haven’t seen in a couple of the other states that I’ve been in,” said Kass Bessert, director of the Sanders campaign in Kentucky. “We’re seeing people get involved in politics who have never felt empowered or involved to this extent.”

election imageSanders’ odds, however, remain long, and pollsters give him little chance to win the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton is 80 percent of the way to obtaining the delegates needed for the nomination, NPR reported.

Before his defeat to Clinton in the New York primary last Tuesday, he had defeated her in seven straight states, mostly in the West. The $182.1 million he has raised nationally is slightly ahead of Clinton’s haul, according to FEC data.

As he is nationally, Sanders is receiving large numbers of small contributions from Kentuckians.

“The national average is still right at $27, and I believe that continues to ring consistent in Kentucky,” Bessert said. “We see a younger demographic, so a fairly large proportion of the Kentucky demographic who are donating are under the age of 35 and still a significant amount are under the age of 24.”

Kentucky’s Democratic primary doesn’t take place until May 17. Today will be pivotal for the Sanders and Clinton campaigns as primary voters go to the polls in five states — Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware. Clinton holds a 1,446-to-1,200 lead over Sanders in pledged delegates, and the 462 delegates up for grabs in those five states could widen or close the gap.

In Kentucky, 56 percent of contributions for the 2016 presidential race have gone to Republican candidates. The bulk of that money, though, changed hands last year when the field was wide open with 13 candidates — including Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who remains the leading Republican fundraiser in the state well after dropping out of the race.

Kentucky donations to Democratic candidates began to surpass those to Republicans in January. In March, Democrats outraised Republicans in Kentucky by two and a half times, thanks mostly to Sanders.

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5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Surging In Kentucky’s Donation Dollars

  1. Really liked the info and the great tracking tool. Very interesting and informative.

  2. This was a very useful and informative article. It gives me hope that Bernie will do well in KY. Not being from your state I don’t know if it’s filled with the wealthy who would be for Hillary or regular folk for Bernie.

    • I suggest you look into Bernie Sanders being approached by the FEC with 628 pages that show Sanders ‘ criminal activity with donations, including the fact that Bernie Sanders has accepted donations even from individuals abroad. If that had been Hillary, she would have had a rope on her neck. Reed the article on Sanders dealing with donation, then see how much of a better man he is (the crook and liar). Sanders got million of dollars illegally. And, you place above Hillary. Why don’t you get informed?

  3. How come no one covers Bernie Sanders’ criminal activity with donations? The FEC has sent a report to Sanders of 628 pages. It includes the previous warnings Sanders received in January/February. According to the report there were many illegal donations which included donations from foreign countries. Some of the money that were refunded had no recipient. Some others like Ruffalo have constantly donated more of the maximum allowed.

    This fact has been reported more than a week ago. Yet, this activity has been kept secret. What if it had been Hillary Clinton to make such violation, she would have Sanders supporters chasing her with a pitch fork. She would have been accused of crimes against America due to the foreign donations.

    My question still is, how come no one is covering Sanders’s criminal activity. With that extra money, Sanders has been able to cover huge amounts of advertising TV, internet newspapers, always outspending Hillary.

    Shouldn’t the media cover Sanders’ boisterous attitude with Clinton, always mentioning her ties with Wall Street. Now, it looks as if the person who was supposed to be trustworthy, turns out to be the crook.