Red Or Blue? Your County’s Political Leanings And More


Although a majority of Kentucky voters are registered Democrats, the state has voted reliably red in recent presidential elections.

In 2012, all but four of Kentucky’s 120 counties went for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. (The outliers: Elliot, Jefferson, Franklin and Fayette counties, according to Politico). Romney pulled in slightly more than 60 percent of Kentucky’s popular vote.

That trend played out similarly in the previous presidential elections. McCain garnered 57 percent of the state’s vote in 2008. Bush garnered 59 percent in 2004.

We’ll wait and see what 2016 holds.

For now, see where Kentucky stands. In coming days, we’ll have more political analysis, maps and graphics. Stay tuned.

An earlier version of this map showed incorrect colors for a handful of counties. The map has been updated.

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