A New Year’s Message From The Newsroom


I don’t have to tell you what kind of a year it’s been.

You’ve seen fake news articles spread faster than real news. You’ve watched facts sometimes lose their meaning, dwarfed by sensational soundbites and outright lies. You’ve seen an indifference to the truth.

kycir-teamWe feel it too. And our team at KyCIR continues to work harder and harder to produce honest, independent investigative journalism.

Because of your support this year, we’ve been able to fight for transparency, hold the powerful accountable, prompt reforms and shed light in dark, opaque corners of the commonwealth. We’ve collaborated with other news outlets and reached new audiences through Kentucky and beyond.

In 2017, we are absolutely committed to take our mission to new heights.

We thank you, our readers and listeners. We thank our donors who help make this newsroom possible. And we thank the sources, tipsters and citizens who care greatly about accountability, transparency and the future of Kentucky.

With gratitude,

Brendan McCarthy
Managing Editor

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