Read U of L’s Response to NCAA Allegations of Strippers, Sex For Recruits


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Staffers of the University of Louisville men’s basketball team committed NCAA violations that were “appalling” and “inexcusable” — but they hid their actions from the head coach, the university claimed in its response to the NCAA’s accusations.

Outgoing acting president Neville Pinto said in the response that the university affirms its commitment to NCAA compliance, and believes its cooperation demonstrates this commitment.

The response, sent last week, follows a letter from the NCAA in October that outlined its findings: that a former staffer of the University of Louisville men’s basketball team provided at least $5,400 in stripteases, sex acts and cash to recruits, athletes and coaches, according to the NCAA.

The investigation was prompted by allegations that former staff member Andre McGee hired an escort service to provide strippers and sex to recruits and players.

Head coach Rick Pitino insisted that he had no idea what was happening in the men’s basketball dorm. He said he didn’t miss any red flags that would have alerted him to a problem.

U of L Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino's response to the NCAA

From U of L Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino’s response to the NCAA

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