Animal Shelters: How To Help

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Our latest investigation showed that most of Kentucky’s county-run shelters are failing animals. We explained how state law provides for no oversight, no enforcement and no consequences.

We’ve been overwhelmed with tips, comments and ideas following the report with WAVE 3 News. But we need more.

Our investigation noted that amid an absence in government oversight, change largely has been spurred by the intervention of private citizens. You can help, too.

Help us get a better grasp on the animal shelter situation and fill in some gaps. We’re asking you to share and fill out this form. 

Our goal is two-fold.

First, there doesn’t currently appear to be an accurate, public directory with key information on county shelters, including addresses and operating hours. We want to create one.

At least two dozen shelters on the state Animal Control Advisory Board website either don’t list any hours or say “on call.” And the Edmonson County shelter is listed as the shelter for two counties, even though it’s been closed for the past year.

Here’s what the state law, KRS 258.119, requires regarding public access:

Provide access to the public for no less than twenty-four (24) hours in one (1) week, with the hours that the facility is open to the public posted in a visible location.

Second, we want to hear about conditions in these shelters. Have you visited a shelter looking for a pet to adopt, or struggled to locate your own lost pet? Serve as our eyes and ears.

The details you submit will only be shared with reporters and your contact information will not be made public.

Brendan McCarthy can be reached at or (502) 814.6541.

  • KYCir is the very BEST group this state has ever had! Keep up the snooping, digging, investigating, reporting and follow-up. You are not just a breath of fresh air, but a woefully needed continuing project. THANK YOU for all you do! Wish there could be 120 of you, one for every county (+ maybe a couple of dozen watchdogs in