• See anything in this audit that warrants further scrutiny but wasn’t mentioned in the story? The exhibits start on page 136 of the document. Leave a comment and I’ll check it out.

  • Kevin

    Excellent reporting Kate. I’ve been employed at UofL for over 10 years. Never have I received a salary increase >3%, and there have been times the university gave no increases. I did not complain. I still believe in UofL and enjoy the workplace community and professionals with whom I work. But the avarice of those at the top feels like bile rising in my throat. Especially former president Ramsey. Was it all a facade? An opportunity to increase his wealth and that of his family? I don’t begrudge anyone good salary, and surely he earned his. But his deferred compensation package smacks of backroom dealing. I can’t help but ponder the jobs that could be saved, and the good that could be done if the university were to receive a donation of this amount.

  • michael stillman

    As a former member of University of Louisville’s medical school faculty, I read a recent Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting piece with great interest (http://kycir.org/2017/06/08/audit-takes-aim-at-university-of-louisvilles-nonprofit-foundation/).

    While the university is grappling with years of presidential abuses, layers of corruption and dishonesty remain. Two examples:

    a) When Toni Ganzel applied to be dean of the medical school, she claimed 29 “peer-reviewed” articles (https://louisville.edu/medicine/dean/files/ganzel-cv). One appeared in “Louisville Medicine,” which is not peer-reviewed, and one is a half-page book chapter.

    b) A Health and Human Services investigation of Susan Harkema’s research programs documented protocol violations, inadequate patient protections, and untrustworthy data (https://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/compliance-and-reporting/determination-letters/2016/october-17-2016-university-louisville/index.html). The university, however, took no disciplinary action, and Vice President William Pierce attested that no subjects had been injured despite hard evidence to the contrary (http://kycir.org/2016/07/11/top-u-of-l-researcher-loses-federal-funding-for-paralysis-study/).

    While the university’s efforts to set right its history are laudable, an institution-wide commitment to “truth and reconciliation” seems in order. Illuminating Jim Ramsey’s malfeasance is the first of many steps necessary to reconstituting a top-to-bottom dedication to honesty, integrity, and transparency.

  • TincanJoey

    “Smith raised more than 50 times the money that she received via
    compensation from the university and foundation, Oldfather added.”
    Oh. So because she raised all this money then we should ignore the mismanagement and feel sorry for her because she wasn’t paid more.