• Lissette Roman

    I just finished reading your very thorough and interesting story on Dan Johnson. I’m dumbfounded as to how this man got away with so much. It sickens me by how he abused his power as a “Pastor” not only with the young woman he sexually abused, but also with his church members who put their trust in him to guide them. And now the wife he leaves behind wants to pursue his seat in office? Are you kidding me? Sounds like she enabled his behavior.

    • 66gardeners

      I agree it is shocking how much Johnson got away with in the name of religion and partisan politics. Hopefully, this is all about to crash down upon their evil heads.

  • sorbs

    Outstanding job of covering a difficult story. Well done.

  • 66gardeners

    This was compelling to read and the authors should be proud of a brilliant article.

  • Farmer k

    The Pope is worse than Judge Moore, and the worst part of this is his grieving widow is after his position. I hope the voters of that district find someone better fitted to legislate for KY. It is bothersome that some of the esteemed leaders of KY gave him a positive send off. Do you think they are having buyers remorse over their words?

  • Elmore

    Am I the only one who read the expose and thought about Neagan in The Walking Dead through the whole thing? I’ll bet he had a lot more closet skeletons than a couple of insurance scams, one molestation, and repeated violations of the liquor laws.

  • davina glow

    This was an important report, and obvioulsy well researched and verified. Ms. Richmond deserves have her story heard. I hope that she can get some closure and put this horrible event behind her.

  • Susan Wisniewski

    I would be interested in the story that goes with this guy getting worker’s comp. from NYS for working at the World Trade Center during 9/11. I sense some more fraud here. Would his widow have to pay back the amount that he may have taken fraudulently from NYS if it’s a falsehood that he worked at Ground Zero? This article seems to say that the worker’s compensation was the sole source of income for this family for a couple of years. Is his wife complicit in the fraud? Would that affect her ability to run for his seat in the state legislature?

  • SuzieTampa

    I just donated to you for this excellent series, which I hope wins awards. Ms. Richmond is my hero. I also want to know about the worker’s comp payments.

  • Brian Arbenz

    A racist who preaches hate to win political office is not easy to sympathize with, yet the stunning turn of events has even people such as myself, an opponent of right wing huckster churches, deeply sorry. I suspect this man’s suicude grew out of a lifetime of low self worth, reflected in his childish wish to be every place the world was watching. The frenetic series of shocks in this episode has not settled yet so that a consensus can develop on why Dan Johnson took his own life — acknowledgment of guilt, feelings of persecution, or a desire to stigmatize the KCIR. Regardless, I am sorry the man killed himself. I wish he and other haters would instead kill their bigotry, so they and the nation could live.