Louisville Water Co. Cited, Fined for Violating Safety Laws

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet has cited Louisville Water Co. for violating trench-safety laws for the third time in four years, this time issuing a $84,000 fine for what the state agency called a “willful” disregard of the law. The citations stem from a fire hydrant replacement job on Leman Drive on Jan. 16. An inspector for the Labor Cabinet, which enforces Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health laws, noted that workers were in a trench nearly 6½ feet deep with no wall cave-in protection and an insufficient ladder.

Is Biomass The Answer For A Region Powered By Coal?

Biomass facilities usually burn plant-based materials—everything from trees to wood pellets to specially-grown crops—and convert that heat into electricity. Several factors determine whether a biomass power plant is a boon or a curse for the local environment and the planet. Read more about them here.