Insult To Injury: State Adds 32% When It Collects UK Medical Debt

Kristin Hurst walked into the Kentucky lottery office in Lexington in May of last year expecting to claim a $1,000 prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket. Instead, the lottery employee told Hurst there was a red flag on her account. From the parking lot, she made a nervous call to her fiancé. It was his ticket she was trying to cash in, but something was wrong. She had to go to the main Kentucky lottery office to find out what.

These Jail Officials Have Second Jobs — As Jail Vendors

At first glance, Montgomery County Jailer Eric Jones’ side gig as a partner in Kellwell Commissary LLC doesn’t look like a conflict. 

The jail Jones was elected to manage, about 35 miles east of Lexington, runs its own canteen. It doesn’t do business with Kellwell Commissary. But a closer look reveals that his business partners are the same people who operate Kellwell Food Management, which has provided food services for the jail since Jones first became jailer in 2011. Jones executed that contract with Kellwell Food Management without getting the county fiscal court approval required by law. In 2016, the food company’s owners launched their new commissary business.