6 Young Kentuckians Known To Have Rare But Serious MIS-C, Linked To Coronavirus

Six cases of a rare coronavirus-related inflammatory condition have been identified in Kentucky youth since March, according to public records from the state. Case data suggest the syndrome is disproportionately impacting young people of color. MIS-C, or multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, has been identified in Kentuckians as young as five and as old as 19. Symptoms of the rare but serious condition include the inflammation of multiple body parts, fever, rash or vomiting. The cause of MIS-C is unknown, though it’s linked to the new coronavirus.

Patients Sue UK HealthCare, State Over Debt Collection Practices

Five patients are suing the University of Kentucky health care system and the Kentucky Department of Revenue over medical debt collection practices. The plaintiffs, represented by the Kentucky Equal Justice Center and the National Center for Law and Economic Justice, allege UK HealthCare and the DOR violate patients rights to due process by collecting debts without giving patients adequate notice or opportunity to contest the debts. The class action lawsuit is seeking declaratory and injunctive relief, meaning the plaintiffs and their lawyers are asking the DOR and UK HealthCare to stop collecting debts until patients are given adequate notice and the chance to challenge debts. UK HealthCare is the only hospital system in the state that can utilize the DOR for collection. This means, unlike other health care providers who would have to take debtors to court, UK HealthCare can avail itself of the state’s powerful collection tools including wage garnishments, withholding tax returns and liens on property, all without a court order.