Kentucky Capitol Building at night

Alleged Sexual Harassment at the Statehouse

The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting first uncovered the claims of veteran Capitol staffers who said longtime State Rep. John Arnold had repeatedly sexually harassed them. Arnold resigned.

Latest Update: Settlement Reached in Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Against Kentucky LRC, Lawmakers

Breonna Taylor

Investigations related to the police killing of Breonna Taylor and the protests that followed in Louisville.

Latest Update: While Other Cities Introduce Police Chief Finalists, Louisville’s List Is Secret

Coronavirus Pandemic In Kentucky

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads through Kentucky, we bring you the latest on death rates, risks of reopening and how it was affecting the commonwealth's most vulnerable.

Latest Update: How Many Coronavirus Cases In Ky. Jails? We Don’t Know, And State Won’t Say

COVID and the Unemployment Insurance Crisis

A record number of Kentuckians applied for unemployment insurance amid a widespread shutdown of bars, restaurants and in-person employment in March. We exposed the state's missteps in administering that program.

Latest Update: Muncie McNamara, Former Head of Kentucky Unemployment Office, Dead at 39

Democrat-Heavy University Boards Run Counter to State Law

KyCIR uncovered state university boards stacked with Democrats, in clear violation of the law. Many of Gov. Steve Beshear's board appointees were also donors to his campaigns.

Latest Update: Bevin Ends Predecessor’s Effort To Dismiss University of Louisville Lawsuit

Dying For Dollars: For-Profit Health Care in Kentucky’s Jails

An examination of a health care system that runs counter to national standards, and often falls far short of meeting medical needs. While Kentucky counties look to cut costs, for-profit companies have stepped in. But inmates are suffering and state officials aren't doing anything about it.

Latest Update: Lawsuit Over 2013 Montgomery County Jail Death Settled

Economic Development Failures in Eastern Ky.

From tourism to industrial parks, government grant programs have invested millions in strategies to turn around Appalachian Kentucky that just aren't working.

Latest Update: Despite Millions In Public Money, Eastern Ky. Industrial Parks Still Largely Vacant

Fatal Flaws: How Kentucky Is Failing Its Workers

We reviewed thousands of pages of fatality investigations and dozens of federal reports to conclude that Kentucky is failing its workers in how it investigates deaths on the job.

Latest Update: Beshear Reinstates Worker Safety Board Bevin Dissolved

Gynnya McMillen's Death in a Detention Center

Our series of reports into the mysterious detention center death of 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen.

Latest Update: Critical Safety Issues Plague Kentucky’s Juvenile Detention Centers, Report Says

Housing and Policing

In Louisville, code enforcement and policing are intertwined as police actions jeopardize some peoples' housing. We investigate these links.

Latest Update: Louisville Changes Public Nuisance Enforcement After KyCIR Investigation

How A Kentucky Rape Case Is Testing The Integrity Of The Criminal Justice System

Her troubles continued even after her alleged rapist was indicted. Death threats. Vandalism. A suspicious car fire. The local sheriff -- a friend of defendant Billy Joe Miles -- got involved. But whose interests was he serving?

Latest Update: Billy Joe Miles To Stand Trial In January On Sodomy, Bribery Charges

Kentucky Constables: Untrained And Unaccountable

Kentucky’s constables are gods unto themselves, armed with badges and guns but almost always with little or no formal training. And their actions have grave consequences.

Latest Update: What Did, Didn’t Make It Through This Legislative Session

Kentucky Justice? Kicked Out of the Commonwealth

A Carroll County judge ordered police to send a troubled local man to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. But police had other plans for dealing with their petty crime problem. They sprung him from jail and put him on a bus to Florida.

Latest Update: Carrollton Police Chief Held In Contempt In Banishment Case

Kentucky Money the Fuel for Cross-Border Casinos, Other State Budgets

Kentucky eschews casinos but embraces horse betting. Meanwhile, neighboring states have netted a total of $3.9 billion in taxes in the past decade from their combined eight casinos on the north bank of the Ohio River.

Latest Update: What You Need to Know About The Kentucky Expanded Gaming Proposal

Kentucky Nepotism: In Hiring, County Officials Can — and Do — Turn to Relatives

We found Kentucky has a patchwork of ethics policies, many legalizing nepotism, many with rules so infused with loopholes that public officials readily bring their relatives aboard.

Latest Update: How Your County Handles (Or Doesn’t Handle) Nepotism Hires

Kentucky's Pension Holders Kept in the Dark

A look into the secretive Kentucky Retirement Systems and the $15.7 billion under its control. For the roughly 340,000 state, city and county workers and retirees, there are more questions about their investments than answers.

Latest Update: Republican Lawmakers Seek More Accountability For Troubled Kentucky Pension Agencies

A man stands and looks at a National Guard armored vehicle parked in downtown Louisville

LMPD Police Shootings

Louisville Metro Police officers shot and killed 19 people between 2015 and 2020. We investigate these deaths.

Latest Update: National Guard Investigation After David McAtee Shooting Still Not Done

Louisville Police And Hypocritical Actions On Immigration Enforcement

Records and interviews show that Louisville police help federal immigration agents with enforcement when asked, a practice that runs counter to statements from city leaders and in contrast to the “compassionate city” image they project. Louisville Metro Police dispatchers took ICE’s call for assistance, on average, nearly once a week from January to June, call records show. ICE agents asked LMPD to serve local warrants, make traffic stops and knock on the doors of non-violent offenders wanted for immigration offenses.

Latest Update: Louisville Defends Immigration Ordinance to Feds After Funding Threat

Neo-Nazis In The Neighborhood

Hate groups have long called Kentucky home. But where does the state stand in comparison to the rest of the country? In this series, reporter Eleanor Klibanoff examines hate groups across the region, goes inside the playbook of one burgeoning supremacist group, and looks at how some residents are pushing back.

Latest Update: Southern Indiana White Nationalist Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

Only in Kentucky: Jailers Without Jails

A look into a wasteful, nepotism-laced but little-discussed jailers system that costs Kentucky taxpayers approximately $2 million annually.

Latest Update: Bill To Hold No-Jail Jailers Accountable Heads To Governor

Politics, Misinformation and Money Fuels a Controversial Power Plant

A KyCIR investigation raises questions about political maneuvering for a power plant in eastern Kentucky and whether leaders sacrificed the public good to benefit a few.

Latest Update: Court Derails Plan For Controversial Biomass Plant In Eastern Kentucky

Racial Disparities in Kentucky's Juvenile Justice System

Records, research and interviews with stakeholders in the juvenile justice system show that racial disparity occurs at nearly every decision point in Kentucky’s juvenile justice system. As juvenile detention center populations dwindle and fewer minor offenders are locked up, whites feel the benefit most. Youth lockups are becoming more black and brown.

Latest Update: Punished: Louisville Teens Charged As Adults Are Almost Always Black

Red Flags: The University Of Louisville, A Big Donor And Ownership Of An Abandoned Factory

KyCIR reveals how the university’s nonprofit fundraising arm took a 99 percent ownership stake of a vacant factory in Oklahoma. The move appears to have no academic purpose and raises ethical red flags, experts said.

Latest Update: U of L Foundation Reverses Course, Won’t Independently Review Oklahoma Real Estate Deal

Rural Shootings and the Kentucky State Police

As police shootings have become a flashpoint in U.S. cities, The Marshall Project and the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting spent a year examining those urban killings’ little-publicized counterparts in rural America.

Latest Update: For Kentucky State Police, Lots of Shootings Draw Little Scrutiny

Search Warrants In Louisville

The Breonna Taylor warrant brought scrutiny on many aspects of how search warrants are written, approved and executed in Louisville. We analyze hundreds of search warrants.

Latest Update: Since Protests, LMPD Rarely Busts Down Doors For Drugs

The Community College President and His Post-Career Public Windfall

As Kentucky Community and Technical College System faces cuts and tuition hikes, President Michael McCall receives significant perks and a post-career payday.

Latest Update: KCTCS Compensation Study Relied On Flawed Data, Methodology

The Congressman, His Wife and the Lobbyist

A KyCIR investigation into money, politics and ethics explored the business ties between longtime U.S. Congressman Ed Whitfield, his lobbyist wife, and another well-known lobbyist. For more than a decade, the trio was linked in a financial partnership — a land deal at a luxury resort in West Virginia. Meanwhile, the two lobbyists had clients and employers with business before Whitfield in Congress.

Latest Update: U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield To Leave Office Early, Resign From Congress Next Week

The Death Penalty In Kentucky: Stayed And Uncertain

Amid the many delays, lawsuits and shifting social and political landscape, KyCIR examines the future of capital punishment in Kentucky.

Latest Update: The New Conservative Push To End Capital Punishment

The Judge and the Questionable Campaign Contributions

Since 2008, Jefferson County Judge Katie King has loaned or given her campaigns more than $550,000, according to KREF’s online database. It’s a pattern she’s followed in three successive elections cycles -- and a maneuver for which she was once scolded and fined by state campaign finance officials.

Latest Update: Jefferson County Judge’s Campaign Contributions Raise Questions

Richard Hooten in 1985

The Man With Many Chances

Fundamental failures throughout the criminal justice system allowed a veteran felon to continue his predatory habits with little intervention. Then a young girl died.

Latest Update: Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting Wins National Edward R. Murrow Award

The University of Louisville Cloaked in Secrecy

The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting has fought for the release of public records and information from the University of Louisville.

Latest Update: In Effort To Fix U of L, Law Sidestepped As Costs Balloon

Trouble Behind Bars

Trouble Behind Bars is a months-long investigation into Kentucky jail deaths. We found preventable deaths that provoked little to no follow-up, as well as failures at all levels of government. Who is dying in your local county jail? Not even the state Department of Corrections has a true, accurate and updated accounting.

Latest Update: Former Regional Jail Supervisor Sentenced To Prison For Fatally Beating Inmate

Troubled Tiger Exhibit Puts Public's Safety at Risk

A KyCIR investigation found that a Louisville-area nonprofit housing wild animals has a troubled record; that state and federal officials have done little to address complaints; and the handling of lions and other exotic animals is potentially putting the public's safety at risk.

Latest Update: Judge Orders Indiana Roadside Zoo To Stop ‘Tiger Baby Playtime,’ Cub Declawing