Cropped view of a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit standing in a prison cell.

Kentucky Reformed Juvenile Justice, And Left Black Youth Behind

When a youth is accused of a crime in Kentucky, an adult has to make a choice in nearly every step that follows.

Allow the youth to avoid a formal charge, or bring the case to a judge? Send him home or to sleep in a cell? Put another way: Offer another chance, or deny it?

Disproportionately, the Kentucky youth denied that second chance are black.

Despite Calls For Help, Bedbugs Infest Louisville Public Housing Complex

The bedbugs invade DeAnna Malone’s apartment every night. They creep through the vents in her bathroom. They crawl through the sockets on her wall and the cracks along the floor. They climb up her bed to feast. “They bite you, it feels like you’re on fire,” she said. Malone has lived with bedbugs at Dosker Manor for years. Her neighbors at the public housing complex say the whole place is infested.